Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ready to run RaceCar for sale

1995 Dodge Neon ACR Celebrity Challenge Race Car
This was one of the two, 2-door ACR's used as a  pace car for the celebrity races.  This car has been involved in racing since day one.  After the series dissolved, the car was ran in SCCA Showroom Stock C & B (SSC/SSB).   I purchased the car back in 2008, ran the car in NASA's Performance Touring E (PTE) and SCCA Improved Touring A (ITA).  The chassis has 10,XXX miles.

FRESH DOHC MOTOR!!!  prepared and assembled by a respected machine shop (receipts will be provided).  Just ready to change break in oil.
-0.20 over bore
-cylinder head ports gasket matched "to SCCA specs"
-Cometic head gasket w/ ARP head studs
-TTI long tube exhaust header w/ ARP exhaust manifold studs, custom heat shield
-Moroso racing aluminium oil pan w/ "trap doors"
-Mishimoto aluminum radiator w/ custom ducting
-Mopar Performance ECU
-Mopar Performance ICE Man Cold air intake
-lightweight Braille racing gel cell battery
-Modern Performance underdrive crank pulley
-PT Cruiser modular clutch
-2.7L rockers & lifters
-3.94 ACR transmission
-flow balanced injectors from RC Engineering
-new FIA belts installed last year
-Grant quick release steering wheel.
-right side driver net
-fire suppression system
-brand new Cryogenic frozen rotors (by Frozen Rotors)
-cryogenic frozen wheel hubs (by Frozen Rotors)
-2014 SCCA Annual Season tech. inspection
-Gates Racing Timing belt
-Darrell Cox Racing rear lateral arms (no eccentrics to get out of alignment!)
-subframe & strut tower brace
-Adco rear sway bar
-Grant quick release steering wheel
-Performance driven springs on Koni Adjustable shocks.
-has title, plates
-no rust; the only time it has seen snow is the two times I did Ice racing.

As pictured for $5000, extra package $7000 OBO
Extra passage includes:
-spare 3.94 transmission
-rebuild-able motor (block & head)
-spare cylinder head
-useable rotors & pads
-Factory service manuals
-9 Team Dynamic 15"*7" wheels, 8 have 205/50/15 Hoosiers (two tires have been machine heat cycled, but have never seen tarmac)
-wheel hubs
-oem lateral arms
-much more.....

contact jungle@hickorytech.net or 612.554.7105

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