Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Miata Progress

Motor from the race car is out.  Motor on the donor car is ready to come out.

Picture of the damage the race car sustained (previous owner).

Picture makes it hard to tell, but these are both 1997 headers, one of them has MUCH better welds on the opening (less restrictive).  Sadly the rules won't let me weld the outside and gasket match the insides.

On the left is the coil pack from the '97 race car, on the right is the coil pack from the '97 street/donor car. The two plugs are different, as is the sub-wiring harness. FYI the connectors for the both coil packs and the cam position switch all use the same connector! Not to mention that it is located 1/2" from the fire wall. WTF Mazda engineers? Where you drunk when you designed this? 

Thanks to Jason & Darin!

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  1. FYI.....the wierdness of the coil pack....I feel kinda dumb about this...but that orange part...yeah that is the gasket from the wiring harness...the coil packs and wiring harnesses are indeed the same!