Wednesday, October 26, 2011

222k and counting....

So it isn't racing related other than this car has gone to one rally-x, and has prolly 100 miles of doing laps at IIRA (International Ice Racing Association) events but.....The daily driver/beater Jetta recently turned 222,222 miles.  Far as I know the motor has never been opened up.  I get excessive oil vapor in the crank case breather, it knocks a bit, and the transmission has a bearing whine, but it just keeps going!


$61 for 12 little bolts from the dealer!  Aparently they are made of Un-obtain-ium!
They are Dodge parts for pete's sake!  For all those who think foreign cars have expensive parts can go take a leap.

Brand new flexplate & clutch bolts for the Neon.  New clutch, used flexplate, new motor mounts, Prothane motor mount inserts (thanks John G.!).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Land O' Lakes Region SCCA Oktoberfest Rally Cross

Land O' Lakes Region SCCA Oktoberfest Rally Cross

SUNDAY 10/30 at Cannon Falls.


Due to the course conditions and weather I'm setting up a RallyX Hotline. I will start updating the message on the hotline 72 hours before the event in case of special instructions or event cancellation. (612) 564-0748

Venue Address
3830 325th St
Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Competitor registration- All competitors are urged to register and pre-pay no later than 5PM on Friday, October 28th.

If you need to register after 5PM you must do so in-person at the event. There will be a $10.00 fee to pay at the event. (This is above your competitor entrance fee)

PM or call Dave Goodman if you need to mail a check for payment. Dave 612-408-1704

Online preregistration is requested and strongly encouraged by 5PM on October 28th.

SCCA Members: $40.00
Non-SCCA Members*:$55.00
Registration and/or Paying at the event, add $10.00
* Non-members are required to purchase an SCCA Weekend Membership for $15.00
(The weekend membership can be used as a $15 discount on a full SCCA membership).
All competitors and spectators must sign the official SCCA Waiver of Liability.

All minors present must have a minor waiver filled out. Form can be downloaded, printed in color and filled here:

All competitors MUST work the course as a condition of event entry.

All competitors must have an FRS Radio, radios cannot be shared between competitors.

All competitors must have a Snell/M 1995 or newer helmet. Loaner helmets are available but the quantity is limited.

Passengers will be allowed if waivered and wearing an approved helmet.

Not sure you’re ready to RallyCross?? Come watch!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't buy from HugoAutoParts!

So I purchased a neon Cylinder head from them.  I got it and gasket matched the intake & exhaust ports, then had it taken to another machine shop to swap the valve springs and hot tank it again (to clean the aluminum shavings).  That machinist said it had a warp to it and had to shave .003 off of it.  One of the bolt holes for the cam bearing cap was stripped.  Also there was an exhaust valve that had a slight bend to it.  Plus they coat the head in some sort of spray paint that comes off w/ brake cleaner.  That machinst said it looks as if they took the head to a belt sander.

I was under the gun to get the car ready for the NASA event at Road America so I just had that machinest fix it.  Hugo won't do anything for me cuz, they didn't inspect it or do the repair work. 

Nice.....another $250 down the drain.