Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SCCA: Track Night In America does Minneapolis!

A new program developed by SCCA to give people MORE opportunities to try out track days!  The Slip Angle podcast dedicated part of a show to this event....I will get that link up later.



SCCA PDX at DCTC - Sunday April 10th

Sign up NOW for the Sunday, April 10th PDX at Dakota County Technical Center -- Space is limited, so don't wait!

Whether you are an Instructor, Volunteer, or Driver you'll have fun!

Classroom and Driving Instructors are available to help participants drive more effectively.
This is your chance to get on track and master car control. Classes available for beginner through advanced.

Register at: https://www.motorsportreg.com/event...chnical-college-scca-land-796355#.VuwpftCVkXg

Need more information or for the schedule/supps and tech form
Go to http://www.scca-racing.com/gosolo/
or call Kathy at 763-241-8010 or David at 651-983-8238.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Time Speed Distance Rallies for 2016

March 12h - The Road to El Paso - TCRC - Hudson, WI
April 22 - Friday Night Rallies start (#1 Elk River) - LOL
May 14 - Spring Kickoff - TCRC - Osseo, MN
May 1st - Escape To Wisconsin. TCRC- Hudson?
June 18 - Summer Solstice - LOL - Baldwin, WI
June 25 - 25th Annual Coulee Classic Rally - SDN - Maiden Rock,WI
July ? Grand Rounds - Mpls?
August 13th? - Chippewa Trail -TCRC - Eau Claire, WI
October 22 - Rum Runnerl. TCRC - Princeton,MN
October 29 - Tombstone Trail. TCRC - Canon Falls, MN
Nov12?- Keep Calm and Rally On
Dec? - The Blacke - Milwaukee SCCA
May 7th - Badger Burrows - Milwaukee Region
May 21st - Headwaters - Rally America
June 5-6 - Walleye 1000
Jun 4-9 PreRendezvous Reconnoitre Tour Canada-US
June 4TH Kannonball Fun Rally, Part Duex
June 9-12 - Rendezvous , Kenora, ON - Intermar que
June 11-12 - Roads Scholar Milwaukee Region
Aug 12-14 - Central Crowne
August 26-27 - Ojibwe Forest Rally
Sept 23-25 - Waumandee Hill Climb