Wednesday, July 17, 2019

World Racing League at Brainerd International Raceway 7/13/19~7/14/19


More pictures by Jerry Winker and here on FaceBook

O'Reilly Street Machine Nationals 2019

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Brainerd International Raceway "competition course" Track notes.

Finally got around to publicizing some track notes for Brainerd International Raceway.   It is a 2.5 mile 13 turn circuit.
Turn 1:  Banked, it is wide enough to turn a truck and trailer around.  Normal apex.  Some low HP cars will choose to stay low to avoid climbing the banking.

Turn 2: Roughly the same radius as T#1, but no banking.  Normal apex.  Most will want to brake or slow going into T#2, although many cars can go flat, warm up to it.  If one must brake or lift, do it on the straight before entering T#2, there is an access road on the outside, use that as your "End of Braking" point and return to full throttle at that road so the car is stable through the turn.  Most cars will be doing around 100mph here.

Turn 3: Most cars will require two down shifts.  It is very easy over brake into and have too slow of an exit speed, only doing a single down shit forces one to keep momentum up.   Others commonly lock up the brakes off and go shooting straight off the track, or carry too much speed and shoot off between T3 & T4.  Speaking of which, the dirt around BIR is very soft sand.....if one goes off, don't fight to save it, drive straight, if you turn the wheels while in the dirt there is a good chance the wheel will dig in and flip the car!  Going into T3 is a popular spot for late-brake passing...aka dive bombing.  Very late apex, the curbing on the apex and track out are very smooth.  Use all of the track, track out should be very near the end of track out curbing.  Feel free to guard the inside against dive bombers going into T3, because the passing car will undoubtly steal the track out point away from you and compromise your line twice.  If it is an out of class car you are better off lifting early and letting them pass you in the middle of the braking zone vs the end of it.

Turn 4: Most cars that did two downshifts into T3 will run out of gear before entering T4, so a short shift into the next gear and down shifting again for T4.  IMHO the apex curbing is way to early.  This is a sucker corner, late apex, but don't track out fully, come out only 1/2.  If one tracks all the way out it makes T5 too difficult.

Turn 5: Momentum corner.  A Miata can usually be full throttle from the exit of T4 all the way to the braking point for T6.  Normal to late apex.

Turn 6: Most cars will need to scrub some speed before turning in.  Normal to late apex.

Turn 7:  Just cut it shorten the track and enter the carousel wider.  One can carry a lot of speed in and through T7 but usually requires dumping some of it before entering T8.  It can get quite harry to dump speed, enter the carousel and down shift all in the exit of T7.

Turn 8:  The carosel, debatable.....the "school" line is to enter it wide and tighten as one goes around it, touching the curbing one nearly completely around.  Good handling cars can ride the inside all the way around but it does scrub the tires.  No matter what approach is chosen, look for the curbing on the exit and use it.  Holding the inside line tends have cars massivly understeer all the way around others will spin.  Look for the old signage on the walls of the exit.  Make faster cars pass you on the outside, the longer line, but be mindful of wanting to be on the driver side of the track for T9.

Turn 9:  There is a corner that is formed by the track side walls, aim to basically take your driver's mirror off on that wall.  Track out and clip T10.

Turn 10:  Cut distance.  The exit of T10 determines the approach to T11 and the pit straight.  Apex normal and track all the way out if one wants the shortest line.  Or apex late and don't track all the way out for a slightly safer line.

Turn 11:  This turn seems to cause the most accidents of any turn.   People will carry too much speed and fall off the track exit or catch it and shoot off to the inside.  Others will clip the inside curbing getting the chassis upset and end up in a spin.  An all to common mistake is for people to lift or brake in the turn, which obviously ends up poorly.

Turn 12:   Common place for dive bombing, protecting the inside is doable but it will be a compromised line.  Many people will attempt to "hero brake" into the turn, and often end up locking up tires and go sliding off.  It is possible to go so far off and hit a wall!  The curbing on the inside is smooth for like the first 12 inches but don't go beyond that.  Down shifting to 2nd gear usually isn't necessary.  I recommend NOT tracking all the way out....only go 2/3rd's because the straight going to T13 comes all to quickly and there isn't enough time to go all the way track right on exit of T12 to get all the way track left in order to enter T13.  Track entrance is on the exit of T12, so be mindful of cars entering.

Turn 13:  Clip the inside apex curbing and track all the way out.  There is plenty of run out room.  T13 is the most important turn of the entire track.  Your exit speed on T13 compounds all the way into T3.  One can just go straight through T12 to T13 and exit the track, there is an access road behind the corner station.  So....if there is a mechanical/crash issue it is closer to exit the track there vs. limping around the entire track.

Monday, July 1, 2019

World Racing League @ Hastings Motorsports Park (Nebraska) 6/29~30/2019

Motorsport Park Hastings is a 2.15 mile long, 13 turn, 40 foot wide road course on the Southeast corner of Hastings, Nebraska.

Burnt Ends Racing suffered a failed hub!

20 cars took to the field.  First driver went out set some good lap times, the motor was running warmish at 210 degrees.  Pavement temperatures reached 130 degrees!  Many cars and drivers suffered because of the heat.  Malfunctioning cool shirt hurt us, it quit working half way through my 2hr 15minute, stint, 100 degree air temps, not enough air coming in the cabin, makes for not fast drivers. Our Miata had water temps of 230 degrees, despite short shifting, avoiding the draft, and keeping the RPMS under 6000.  On the flip side it really made me focus on keeping momentum speeds up, and was able to hold respectable lap times.  We were able to work our way up to 1st in class and 6th over all.  This car really dials back the power when it's this hot. Next driver made it about an hour with a malfunctioning cool shirt cooler.  Engine water temps were now at 240 degrees.  Next driver went out and couldn't get the temps below 250.  We decided to park the car for the rest of the day as the car would stay cool enough.  We had enough laps on the 4th place car to hold our position.  That night we did a bunch of work sealing off the engine bay to force the air coming into the engine compartment to go through the radiator.  

Saturday Podium for GP4

Sunday the car ran flawless!  Water temps never got above 210 degrees, the car actually had decent power!

Sunday Podium for GP4.  1st in class and 6th overall.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tow Pig upgrades

Not racing related, but since the purpose of this truck is haul race cars is post worthy.

My 2002 Dodge 2500 Cummins got a few upgrades.

-FAAS fuel pump....Dodge did a few dumb things on the OEM fuel pumps...the solution is to ditch the low pressure one and upgrade to these heavy duty ones.  The issues are that the OEM setups don't last and starve the high pressure pump (aka VP44), and it dies a slow death which costs over $2k to rebuild.  My truck had the dealer recall switch to an intake pump.  It had a few early warning signs, so hopefully I caught it before doing any damage.  I back dated it to the OEM "draw straw" to avoid drilling holes into the tank and having 1/4 tank sloshing issues.
Pictures to come.

Air intake manifold/horn thing?  I doubt anything would show up on the dyno, but just by looking at it one can see it flows more air.  I really wanted to go with the Banks Air Research one, but I couldn't justify the cost.
-Pics to come.

ATS extended Transmission pan.  Dodge transmissions are made of glass.  Keeping the temps. in check will make them last longer.  The pan will hold an extra 2qts of ATF+4, fins to help w/ sloshing, and aluminum with veins to help with cooling.  It hangs down really low, so I guess that means I won't be doing much for off roading!  :D  ALSO FYI...after much research the transmission pan on my 47rh is the as the 47re, 46e, 46rh, and 727?....So there are many options for pans....however buyer beware....the OEM pan for the diesel and maybe v10  is bigger than the gassers, so if you buy an aftermarket extended capacity, it might actually be the same capacity as the OEM one.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

One place to find a team or driver......

Let's say your a ChampCar owner and you need another driver or two.
Let's say you really want to race the upcoming World Racing League event at COTA.
Let's say you are going to the SCCA National Auto-X competition but want to share costs and co-drive.

Where does one go?  Over the years there have been various ways to make the connection and all have had various degrees of success.  Finally there is a single non-club specific place for that.  The GrassRoots MotorSports Forums!

Monday, April 29, 2019

World Racing League at BIR 7/13~14

Registration for Brainerd is now open! Come join us in the Land of Lakes on July 13-14 for 2 days of racing at the low, low price of $750 per team. Bring the family, race over the weekend and stay a while in this beautiful resort area in the middle of MN.

New to WRL? Want to check us (or BIR) out? New teams get a $250 discount using code BIR2019NEW when registering. That's $500 for 18 hours of racing!

SCCA-LoL Spring Track event 4/28/19

A bit cold out at Dakota County Technical Collage in Roseville, high 30's

Had the pleasure of coaching the Regan's father and son's well sorted NA Miata.
M. Yang and his Acura TSX on Tien coilovers.  Very predictable and balanced FWD.

Thanks to Mike Horwath for letting me take out his Tesla Model 3 Performance edition. I am super impressed with it's track prowess.  It weighs just over 4000lbs, but doesn't handle like it.  It corners super flat, brakes really well, just a bit of under-steer and power over-steer.  In track mode it will let slide, I am told it will let you spin it, we didn't push it that hard.  The regeneration braking takes a bit of getting used to; if you are not on the accelerator it is slowing down.   Much like if you had your parking break is partially engaged.  Several comers that would normally require a brush of the break just required a small lift to scrub enough speed and get the nose to take a set.  It does go without saying the renown acceleration of these things is a drug.  "Setting up for a pass" wasn't necessary, just "punch it" and one flies by the slower car.  On the street going 60mph then flooring it will set you back in your seat. 
Interesting, the Tesla has built in cameras (plural), hit a button and it "saves" the last 10 minutes video.   Also it dos a bit of data analysis!  It looks like the GPS doesn't cycle fast enough for true "race car level" results, but considering it is a factory option, I am impressed.  This is just the aggregate data, more detail is available. 

IRacing Sim Gets an upgrade

After fighting the temptation for a while, I got a sim racing rig.  Previously I was just using my normal desk with a non-rolling office chair.  I scored this rig with chair and the made for Xbox Logitech G920 steering wheel (but still works with a Windows PC) off of CraigsList for the price of the onsale price of the steering wheel on Amazon!  I couldn't pass the bargain up.  The previous owner sold it because his fiance "hated it."  I get that my g/f rolled her eyes!  :) 

Currently it is going through my 42" 4k TV.  The same PC is driving it, I just had to acquire a longer display port to HDMI  (4k compatible) cable, the USB cable barely reaches, and the wireless keyboard & mouse are still in range.  I set the rig on top of a "movers dolly" so I can unplug it and wheel it out of the way for movie nights.

I am surprised to say how much better of an experience iRacing is with a rig like this.  Eventually I may swap out the used Honda Civic seat with FAPS (Favorite Auto Parts Store) racing seat cover with a "retired" real racing seat.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019