Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NASCAR & SCCA @ BIR Memorial Day Weekend....

I'll get something more written up eventually!  :)
Mark K. (Maaco Mineapolis), & Dave S.(Race Suit Rental) in Spec Racer Fords 

Aaron Stehly, APR VW GTI

Tom F.

NASCAR K&N series in the pre-grid.

Taken from the pits...I was on fire bottle duty.

Racing against my old car.....now owned by Brent C.

A fun weekend indeed.  I personally didn't do so well....plagued w/ back pain and drama in my personal life, caused me to spin and hit the wall going into Turn 12 during a practice session, and a spin & continue during race 1 at Turn 2....(100mph +, a real 'come to Jesus moment'), other than that just being slow. 
Lots of rain; I need to invest into real rain tires and not just summer street tires.  Thanks to John H. "Fossco Fabrication", Mark K. (Maaco Mpls.), and Mayhem Racing for their support.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Performance Driving Experience (PDX) registration is OPEN!

Hosted by SCCA-LOL at the Dakota County Technical School track on Saturday, June 9th, this all day event is for everyone who would like to drive their street car on a track, and it’s a GREAT opportunity for crew members to experience the thrill of performance driving.

SCCA-LOL will provide certified instructors who will help participants master the various driving lines.

Space is limited...Register NOW!

An SCCA Track Day, also known as a “Performance Driving Experience”, offers you a chance to drive your car on a real race track under the watchful eye and guidance of a highly experienced driver riding with you in your car. It is an opportunity for you to explore the capabilities of your car at greater-than-highway speeds. You’ll get practice in car control and handling, as well.

Our PDX days are non-competitive and untimed so there is no pressure to perform beyond your comfort level.

Participants are separated by experience and expertise into three groups from Novice to Advanced with safety being the paramount goal. Of course, FUN is the real reason for participating and we do all we can to make your PDX one that will keep you smiling for a long time.

You don’t need a sports or performance car to participate; just a car (no trucks) with a hardtop (no convertibles,) and a valid driver’s license.

It's only $100 plus $15 (Weekend membership) for non-SCCA members!

Register now!


Questions? Contact Dave Schaal at david@racesuitrental.com .

Monday, May 7, 2012

SCCA & NASCAR @ Brainderd Memorial Day Weekend

Register NOW for the Harvey West Memorial Day Classic Rational (Regional & National) Featuring NASCAR K&N Series

If you are either a licensed driver with SCCA or other racing organization, this is your chance to drive with the best!

Now Chump Car & 24 Hours of Lemons cars are welcome!


To register as a driver or a spectator:

Winona/LaCrosse auto-x events

Rally-X May 12 @ Cannon Falls

Are you ready to fling mud & dirt around? We're heading back to Cannon Falls on May 12th!!!

Venue Address
3830 325th St
Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Please come in from 30th St. Do not follow your gps. If we want to continue using this site we need to keep the neighbors happy.

No unloading/loading/parking (even temporary) on the main road. ONLY in the landowners driveway.

Competitor registration- All competitors are urged to register and pre-pay no later than 5PM on Friday, May 11th.

To register and Pay


SCCA Members: $45.00
Non-SCCA Members*:$60.00
Registration and/or Paying at the event, add $10.00
* Non-members are required to purchase an SCCA Weekend Membership for $15.00
(The weekend membership can be used as a $15 discount on a full SCCA membership).

If you need to register after 5PM you must do so in-person at the event. There will be a $10.00 fee to pay at the event. (This is above your competitor entrance fee)

Dave 612-408-1704

Online preregistration is requested and strongly encouraged by 5PM on Friday 11th.

All competitors and spectators must sign the official SCCA Waiver of Liability.

All minors present must have a minor waiver filled out. Form can be downloaded, printed in color and filled here: http://www.scca-lol.org/rally/rallyx/rxinfo.php

All competitors MUST work the course as a condition of event entry.

All competitors must have an FRS Radio, radios cannot be shared between competitors.

All competitors must have a Snell/M2000 or newer helmet. Loaner helmets are available but the quantity is limited.

Passengers will be allowed if waivered and wearing an approved helmet.

Not sure you’re ready to RallyCross?? Come watch!!


Due to the course conditions and weather I'm setting up a RallyX Hotline. I will start updating the message on the hotline 72 hours before the event in case of special instructions or event cancellation. (612) 564-0748