Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50th ann. Auto-x

This particular auto-x has been running for the past 50yrs!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

students from Autobahn Country Club w/ NASA

MKII 16v w/ TT header, cat back & Shine suspention on Nitto's, and hand controls.

Charles and his Aerial Atom, came to the track w/ only 120miles on it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harvest Moon Rally Cross- September 19th!!!!!

September 19th- Isanti County Fairgrounds

We're going back!!!
Isanti County Fairgrounds*
3101 Minnesota 95
Cambridge, MN 55008-7896
Competitor registration- All competitors are urged to register and pre-pay no later than 5PM on Friday September 17th.

If you need to register after 5PM you must do so in-person at the event. There will be a $10.00 fee to pay at the event. (above your competitor entrance fee)

Special note- We are capping the number of competitors to 50. So please pre-pay and pre-register. *Check back closer to the event date for detailed instructions for arrival & Tech inspection area at the Fairgrounds. PM or call me if you need to mail a check for payment. Dave 612-408-1704

Online preregistration is requested and strongly encouraged by 5PM on May 14th.

SCCA Members: $40.00
Non-SCCA Members*:$55.00
* Non-members are required to purchase an SCCA Weekend Membership for $15.00
(The weekend membership can be used as a $15 discount on a full SCCA membership).

All competitors and spectators must sign the official SCCA Waiver of Liability.

All minors present must have a minor waiver filled out. Form can be downloaded, printed in color and filled here:

Please download the registration and identification forms, and have them filled out prior to the event if you don’t register online.

All competitors MUST work the course as a condition of event entry.

All competitors must have an FRS Radio, radios cannot be shared between competitors.

All competitors must have a Snell/M 1995 or newer helmet. Loaner helmets are available but the quantity is limited.

Passengers will be allowed if waivered and wearing an approved helmet.

Not sure you’re ready to RallyCross?? Come watch!!

The venue is new and the course will be full of tight turns, sweepers, and slaloms!!!


9/19 Auto-x in Eau Claire

Opps...Neon goes crash...

On the way to Autobahn Country Club w/ NASA
Damage to car...
The spindle/steering kuncle busted where the tie rod mounts..

So race #1, about 5 laps in, the car is oversteering a bit more than usual.  Coming into turn 3, I typically put my driver side tire about 2" over the curb/apex run off.  For whatever reason this time I was all the way over it.  This particular curb is rather high, say 3~4"....this forced the driver side of the car up in the air and the car spun sideways, I corrected and got the car pointed in the right direction, unfortunatly my trajectory still sent sliding sideways into the tire wall. 

Car has a krinkled front fender, broken side view mirror, snapped spindle/steering knuckle, busted tail light, bent rear laterial arm, and pushed the rear quarter pannel in enough to where the trunk doesn't close.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Video from earlier this summer...

July 28th, Autobahn Country Club, Joliet Il. w/ NASA
This is the last race of the weekend, a 40 minute sprint.

The video is about 30 minutes into the race, there is a yellow flag thrown for two whole laps, allowing the entire field to regroup.  There is some drama w/ some of the Spec Porsche 944's.