Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Opps...Neon goes crash...

On the way to Autobahn Country Club w/ NASA
Damage to car...
The spindle/steering kuncle busted where the tie rod mounts..

So race #1, about 5 laps in, the car is oversteering a bit more than usual.  Coming into turn 3, I typically put my driver side tire about 2" over the curb/apex run off.  For whatever reason this time I was all the way over it.  This particular curb is rather high, say 3~4"....this forced the driver side of the car up in the air and the car spun sideways, I corrected and got the car pointed in the right direction, unfortunatly my trajectory still sent sliding sideways into the tire wall. 

Car has a krinkled front fender, broken side view mirror, snapped spindle/steering knuckle, busted tail light, bent rear laterial arm, and pushed the rear quarter pannel in enough to where the trunk doesn't close.

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