Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't buy from HugoAutoParts!

So I purchased a neon Cylinder head from them.  I got it and gasket matched the intake & exhaust ports, then had it taken to another machine shop to swap the valve springs and hot tank it again (to clean the aluminum shavings).  That machinist said it had a warp to it and had to shave .003 off of it.  One of the bolt holes for the cam bearing cap was stripped.  Also there was an exhaust valve that had a slight bend to it.  Plus they coat the head in some sort of spray paint that comes off w/ brake cleaner.  That machinst said it looks as if they took the head to a belt sander.

I was under the gun to get the car ready for the NASA event at Road America so I just had that machinest fix it.  Hugo won't do anything for me cuz, they didn't inspect it or do the repair work. 

Nice.....another $250 down the drain.

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