Monday, July 22, 2013

ChumpCar @ BIR 7/20&21

"Calm before the storm"?  Gridding up for action Sunday AM.
"JAB finished race #1 in one piece in 9th place out of 55 entries as the highest placing FWD car and the 2nd highest finishing non-BMW. We're all set to run hard on day #2 and hope to finish even higher today"  Alex B.

Short video of Kent in Turn#3
A short clip of our friends from Canada; RIP Neon.
Another short clip of a BAD attempted pass.
We climbed all the way up to 4th!
"After getting up to 3rd, Nick was having a great race for position with Team Party Cat for about 40 min. About a lap after running the car's best time of the weekend, the engine seized up right in front of the pits and Nick coasted the car in. Looks like we're done for the day. It's a shame to end the weekend like this but at least everyone got a stint or two in the car and ran clean races all weekend long."  -----Alex B.

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