Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Car Craft is on July 19-20-21

Sign up for this exciting event--Volunteers needed!

Register for a shift!  Go to

Bonus!  Club drivers:  increase the number of crew or guests you bring to BIR with free entry.  You get 1 free crew/guest for every 4-hour shift worked by you or a team member.  Or $10 "SCCA-LOL Bucks" (applicable for LOL events).

Car Craft is a fun fundraiser for SCCA-LOL.  It’s a family event, an Autoshow, solo events and more for a great weekend.  Whether you are a driver or race staff, join us to work the solo events.

It’s a low-keyed day for SCCA volunteers.  At the end of your shift you can drive the solo course or walk through the auto show.  Best of all, in exchange for our volunteers, Car Craft makes a nice donation to our organization, which allows us to fund racing in Minnesota.  Volunteers also receive SCCA Bucks each day worked.

We need 11 volunteers each day, so pick one, two or all three days to work.  There are plenty of breaks, and you get to help other Minnesotans discover the passion for driving!

To register go to

And if you have any questions please contact Kathy Gillen at 763-241-8010 or email

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