Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chump Car @ Road America 10/21/2012

Alex went out first and was running 3min, 3sec lap times, making the quickest lap times for our team.  Unfortunatly he exchanged paint w/ a mustang and put two wheels off twice.  We climbed up to 2nd place for a few moments, mostly due to us being able to run a full 2 hours. Nick went out, and over an hour into his stint he was towed in because we had now drive. 

We pulled out the starter and found metal shavings, pulled out the transmission and found out that all of the bolts that hold the pressure plate to the flywheel sheared off.  My theory is that the violent rumble strips caused the failure. One hour 55minutes later we got the clutch and flywheel replaced, and got the car back on track.  Down to 41st place. 

The car lasted over an hour, can got towed in again w/ no power.  Turns out the battery wasn't charging, we swaped the altenator, push started it and sent it back out with 20 minutes left of the race. 

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