Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chump Car @ Road America 10/20

Chump Car DRS?   Turns out it is on a switch, so it is manually activated.

This is in the Holy Rollers Integra, this electric oil pump, is an upgrade from their "fix" at BIR...when the oil pressure gets low, they flip a switch and it adds pressurized oil into the head.

Okay...this is just bad....but if you can't get a real trailer...why not.

We sent our rookie driver out first; he did really well, until getting a black flag for passing under yellow; then at the end of his stint he got a little red misted, and had a good draft going on into turn 5; and attempted a dive bomb into another VW.  our front wheel went into their rear quarter panel.  The alignment moved, but we didn't see any bent parts.

All the other drivers went out with out much to report; we worked our way up from 42 (61 cars started) up to 8th.  I took the car for last 1.5hr stint.  The car did feel awkward, almost as if we had weak shocks or snow tires; kinda squirmy.  I found out later that my top trap speed was over 5mph slower than our 1st driver, and my best lap time almost 4 seconds off. 
Near the end of my stint, I a train of two BMW E30's and a Sentra SER were catching up to me; the E30's eventually got past me.  Getting a draft into turn 8, and late braking, I ended up spinng the car, stalling it.  The car died in the middle of the turn, and would not start backup.  Eventually the awesome track staff got me off the coarse.  Sadly not until after the checker flag was shown.  We lost one place because of this mistake. 
Turns out the altnenator wasn't charging much, it wasn't dead but it wasn't charging properly. 
Later on in the pit we found the very end of the control arm, where the ball joint goes, was bent up.  Which means the car had a wacky alingment and the reason for lap times and top speed not being what they should be.

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