Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trans-Am, Vintage, & Pro Spec Racer Ford Race this weekend at BIR

Trans Am Sept 3-5 at BIR

Land O’ Lakes Region is excited to be the host region for 2010 Coca-Cola Trans Am race at Brainerd International Raceway over Labor Day Weekend. In addition to the Trans Am race group, we will also have Vintage, Pro-Formula Enterprise and Pro-Formula Spec Ford. SCCA has also added STO as an eligible class for the Trans Am race group.
Volunteers are still needed in all specialties.

Please register at http://scca-lol.org/registration/ or use motorsportsreg.com.

The schedule has been published on the SCCA-Pro website:
As a special treat, Kathy Maleck has arranged for the SCCA Pro Staff to cook dinner on Saturday for the Volunteers. Thanks Kathy!

Any other questions can be directed to Tom Fuehrer at racer_tom_95@yahoo.com

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