Monday, August 2, 2010

Corvettes of MN Auto-X

Very fricken fast!  This is the 1st auto-x I can remember hitting the rev-limiter in 2nd gear...which is somewhere above 65mph!  I killed off one of my Kuhmo v710s...apparently the ABS works but not good enough...doh! 

I got SCREWED by the class bumping....there was one SM and two SMF' SMF bumps into SM...meaning Kevin Beck's AWD 380whp subie was in my class!!! IF there was three SM's, I would have gotten 1st and Kevin would have been bumped into SSM. ARG!
14th fastest car of the day over all (by raw time...), 1st in SM.

I got some Data Aquisition software for my Droid cell phone...I am still figuring it out, but I am quickly finding out it's limitations.

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