Friday, July 10, 2015

Annual SCCA-LOL Summer Picnic

Mark your calendar for Sunday, Aug 2nd starting at 2pm, at Elm Creek Park Bluebird Picnic Pavilion for our Summer Picnic.

Whether you are a current or past member of SCCA, worker or driver, JOIN us!  Share your memories, pictures, and stories as we gather at Elm Creek Park (in Maple Grove).

Hot dogs will be provided.  Just bring a salad, veggie, or dessert (but if you can't bring something join us anyway!)

Help us reach friends we haven't seen for awhile.  Call your buddies in Vintage, BMW or other groups; reach out to former members where ever they are.  Racing memories just don't go away.  And with our annual picnic they'll continue to live.

If you have any questions please contact Mary at 651-408-1203
Check out our website,
or Facebook page for more information:

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