Tuesday, August 28, 2012

24Hours @ Iowa Speedway: Chump Car 2012

....more later, but here is a start...

Getting some rest the night before....

One hour in, fending off the Porsche 944 "Brain-Nerds", some of the very few dry laps to be had.


Three hours into the race and we are at 8th place! 

Here is what the garage looked like 4 hours into the race; -nissan 240sx in with motor problems -Mustang with a 2.3l turbo swap; blew a head gasket, replacement motor transplant under way -Porche 944, timing belt broke, replacement head being put on

Eight hours into the race and we are in 2nd!!
One of the many crashes....this time the Mitsu. Eclipse/Eagle Talon went into the tire wall.

At 4am, trying to figure out why the car wouldn't run.  Swapped the distributor, found the crank sensor to be slightly damaged, and swapped it.

This is the broken trigger wheel/toner ring/crank signal wheel that broke on our car.

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