Monday, July 2, 2012

Chump Car Challenge @ Brainderd Intl. Raceway 6/30& 7/1

I will try to add some more information later, but for now here are some pictures.

About three hours into the race saturday the rear wheel decided it didn't want to be on the car any longer.  Some how the John, the driver, was able to drive the car back to the pits....the was perfectably balanced and was able to drive w/ only three wheels!

Here is the rotor out on the track, it was so hot, it melted part of the track!

Here one can see that the rotor hat is still bolted to the wheel.  The caliper carrier broke, the brake caliper swung around and put a hole into the wheel.

Here is what the rear axle beam looked like once we pulled it off of the car.

Here is the bent strut tower.  We later bent it closer to where it belongs w/ a 4' pipe.  

Near as we can tell, there most likely was some sort of rear wheel bearing failure.  Despite the bearings being fairly new, recently regreased with a super high quality grease, and be re-tourqed properly.  I have seen these bearing fail before, but never like this, but then again they weren't doing nearly 90mph on a sweeping right hand turn! 


Two team members Scott & Collin drove back to Minneapolis to obtain some of our spare parts, including a new rear axle beam.  Parts that were replaced were: rear axle beam, rear stub axle/spindle, rotors *2, bearings *4, hard brake line, brake caliper, brake caliper carrier, and lots of brake fluid.  We were very fortunate to have one of those temporary garages, 10'*20' w/ screens for walls, whice did an excellent job of keeping away the misqutoes!  We finished the job at 2am! We would be able to take the green flag on Sunday!

Passing (or being passed?) our buddies SlugWerks in the Carousel.

We finished 4th place!  Two laps down from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place cars!  No prizes for us other than a shout out from the race organizer.   

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The local newspaper in Brainerd did a short story on Chump Car, check it out.


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