Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dog Daze Rally-x review

The SCCA-LOL Dog Daze Rally-X, sponsored by NOS Energy Drink, took place on August 21st. The location was hay field located just outside of Pine City. The land was rented to LOL by member and rally-x competitor. Many people camped on the property and partied the night prior.

22 competitors showed up to compete. The cars varied from a plethora of the Subaru name plate, VW Golfs (one of which has been campaigning in Chump Car & 24 Hours of Lemons endurance racing), a Ford Ranger, a Audi V8 Quattro, a future SCCA ITB car among others. Another interesting turn of fate, an old friend has returned home. Mark Utecht's X-rally car has changed hands again. After spending some years on the east coast competing, the Subaru WRX rally car is now back in MN, driven by a road racer name Steven Michael who plans to turn away from tarmac and towards gravel for a while.

There was four run-sets, each run set contained two runs. The best run of each run-set was added for a total time. In the Modified 2-wheel-drive class 1st, and 3rd place were separated by 0.382 seconds! 195.369 seconds for 1st, 195.654 seconds for 2nd, and 195.751 for 3rd. Modified 4-wheel-drive actually had an unprecedented tie for 1st place of 196.917 seconds; which is may be the first time that has happened in LOL Rally-X history.
This event had two different families doing battle with each other. A father & daughter, team Freund competed against each other in their Subaru. This time age and wisdom concurred youth and exuberance. Brother & sister, team Martin duked it out in a mostly stock VW Golf with 220,000 miles on it. The little bother put up a good fight for his first time competing; but lost out to his older sister, by 0.929 seconds!
The next rally-x will be held Sept. 25th at the same location. Spectators and more competitors are welcome. Watch the forums and facebook for more details.

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