Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road Racing Help?

Do you have an interest in Road Racing? We are looking for some volunteers for our up coming events at BIR. Here is a link to some detailed job discriptions:

Land O' Lakes Region SCCA is always looking for more volunteers to help stage our Road Racing events at BIR.

We have a Double Regional race (with Vintage car racing) at BIR July 9th and 10th. We also will be staffing the SCCA Pro-Race Weekend over Labor Day Weekend. The Pro weekend will include Trans Am, Playboy Cup Miata's, Pro Spec Racer Ford and Pro Formula Enterprise.

Here are some position descriptions. Contact Kathy Gillen (info below) if you can help our our club with your time. Nearly all of the positions do not require any previous experience. We provide free admission, free camping, meals and beverages to our volunteers as well as whole a bunch of gratitude- you will enjoy being a part of these events!

Our volunteers can also do the Lunch-time track touring at no charge.

Radio Equipment Chief: Responsible for ensuring that radios are available and distributed to corners, safety and administration staff. You’ll check radios out in the morning, then collect them at the end of the day and make sure they are on their chargers for the night.

Equipment Chief: Responsible for getting the brooms, fire equipment, and water jugs out to the corners in the morning and pick them up at night. Sunday evening you’ll help put equipment away.

Course Marshal: During the event, you’ll flat tow drivers in (using your truck.) Also respond to requests from Control or Flag Chief to handle various tasks during the day. May also assist Equipment Chief as needed.

Tech Assistant #1: If you’ve helped tech cars before and during races, we need your help! You’ll assist the Chief of Tech to ensure cars have required equipment to race safely.

Tech Assistant #2: No experience necessary. You are organized and willing to help with the paperwork and forms. This is an important position because you’ll dramatically speed up the Tech Process by freeing up the Scrutineers.

Pit. Grid, and Paddock: No experience necessary. You’ll help the various chiefs with traffic control, and manage the entry and exit of cars. You’ll help drivers fasten straps and equipment as needed.

Corner Workers: According to some, this is the best seat in the house! You’ll use flags to help drivers pass, assist the safety crew as needed, and be prepared to keep the drivers safe. No experience necessary. Many drivers also work corners because it helps them better understand the turning points. If you intend to become a driver, work corners to build your expertise!

Runner: Pick up and deliver lunches, assist the Flag Chief with radios, and do many odd jobs and tasks that require flexibility. This is an extremely important job!

For more information on any volunteer position please contact Kathy Gillen at 763-241-8010 or email

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