Monday, May 23, 2011

back from BIR w/ NASA

A VERY WET weekend.  Practice, qualifying, and the first race were in the rain.  I was using Kuhmo MX tires (an aggressive summer performance tire, designed for auto-cross).  Not the best choice for rain racing...about 1/2 through the 35 minute race the tires just didn't seem to grip much any more.  The only other car in my class, a Miata that isn't legal for Spec Miata, passed me w/ about 5 laps to go.  Fortunately he slid off the coarse and I got my position back, I was able to hold him off to take the checker.  I take 1st place.

The 2nd race was in the dry, so on went the Hoosiers.  This time the other guy in my class, was no where in site after the 1st lap.  I spent the entire time playing with a spec miata.  We swapped positions roughly 5 times!  I had more power than he did so i was faster from turn 10, 11, 12, 1, and two.   He could out brake me in turn 3 and handle better through the rest of the track.  I also had issues w/ my right rear tire locking up under hard braking so going into turn 3 it was necessary to brake earlier than normal.  I took 1st place again in PTE, w/ a lap record of 1 minute 57 seconds.

We choose not to race on Sunday due to more ran, and the Neon's rear main seal was leaking pretty bad.

Thanks to James D., Michelle M., and Mark K. for their help this weekend.
Pictured below was our ride for the weekend.  Defiantly a step up from my Dodge 1/2 truck!
Thanks to Maaco East Minneapolis and The Alignment Guy for getting the car done in time!
sitting on the grid...

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