Monday, July 5, 2010

Jack Pine Sprints 2010

Back from a great weekend at BIR. I had butterflies in my stomach watching the green flag drop on the 1st official SCCA race in over 10 years. I had four good races, 20 some cars in my heat, three in my class, ITA (Improved Touring A), had some really good play time battling others, especially the Miata's (to which I am now toughly convinced that Spec Miata drivers are all crazy!).   I got three 2nd place finishes, and a 3rd (due to a black flag cuz of noise).  I killed off two Kuhmo v710's, and other than that I didn't pick a tool up all weekend, the Neon did really well! Thanks to Dave Kapon who helped get the car ready for these past two races!

Oh btw...there is some sort of lame rule of 102db at the track, I didn't see it in the suplimental rules, I had never heard of that before, didn't happen at the NASA race, nor the Chump race.....oh and btw, that rule doesn't apparently apply to drag cars! :S

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