Monday, June 14, 2010

Back from Black Hawk Farms.

The "new motor" in the neon held together.  Block at 115k miles, the head was completely redone, port matched the intake ports.  Practice session, two qualifying sessions, and three 40 minute races.  I placed 1st, but only because there wasn't anyone else in my class, so I attempted to play w/ the Spec Miata guys.  Saturday I broke the track record for my class, then broke it again on Sunday. 

Race #3 started w/ just a slight drizzle, the kind where if you put your wipers on delay, the wipers are going too fast, therefore most of us kept our dry race tires on.  1/3 of they way into the race the heavens open up and the wipers and full speed & defroster on full weren't able to keep up.  I couldn't see the race car 5' in front of me.  Wheel spin in 4th gear and drifting (ice racing skills came in handy).  Those that didn't already come in early were black flagged where we sat in the pit lane for 10 minutes, then followed the pace car for three laps (who was faster than the race cars on slicks), the last 3 laps were back to wet race speeds.

Thanks to Dave Kapaun & Chris for helping getting the car ready and assisting at the track!

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