Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am a real race car driver now!

I now am able to race wheel-to-wheel at NASA events! Woot! However I have 0 races under my belt, because I was unable to complete or start the races...the Neon took a dump and would over heat. Cylinder #2 was pumping air into the cooling system, vaporizing the coolant causing it to over heat. Although, during one of our earlier sessions the neon did put down a 2min flat lap time, which gave me a track record.

Sunday, having no car to race, we took Michelle's mostly stock VW Golf w/ 196k miles on it took all the crap out of it, bleed the brakes, put numbers on it and ran it in "Time Trials F"...the little Golf threw down a lap time of 2min 14sec, a NASA record for BIR (never mind there were no other TTF cars out there, but that is besides the point!)!

Pics and youtube to follow...

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